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Growing up in a family food business ( Celentano Bros.), I have always been interested in good food and in our New Jersey agricultural industry.

We started Jersey Naturals to introduce you to some of our own favorite food products and to highlight the many small food businesses that are in the Garden State.

At Jersey Naturals, we believe that New Jersey's small businesses and farms are an important part of our economy, essential to the Garden State's heritage, and provide us with some of the finest food products available.
Our goals at Jersey Naturals are to promote and support these small businesses and the agricultural industry and to introduce you to their products so you may enjoy them with family and friends. All the companies we represent call New Jersey Home. Most grow, process, or manufacture their products right here in the Garden State.
We are also proud to announce that we have partnered with Payton's Market.
Please browse through our catalog of delicious products and take advantage of secure, on-line ordering.
Have a recipe? An idea for a food product? Do you or someone you know have a product they would like to promote on our site? Inquire about our program on our Contact Us page.
Thank you for visiting us and we hope that you will enjoy our fine products.
Yours in Good Taste,
John J Celentano