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Some Delicious Ways to Use Our Products

Do You Like Vodka Sauce?
    Here's an easy way to make your own vodka sauce.
If you like Penne Vodka as my wife does, you'll like this easy way to make your own vodka sauce.
You can vary all amounts and ingredients to your taste. That's one of the great things about cooking - It comes from the heart!
In a sauce pan or frying pan add some butter. Not too much maybe a tablespoon or two, or you can skip the butter. Saute some chopped onions for a bit, if you'd like. I usually add about a couple of tablespoons. All to your taste.
Then add a jar of Mia Cucina Marinara Sauce. As it's heating, add some milk, half and half, or cream. Again to your taste. I usually use some half and half about a cup and a half. Add vodka, again to the way YOU like it. Maybe a cup or so. Let it all heat through and there you go! Your own version of vodka sauce!
Poor over your penne macaroni add some sliced sauted chicken breast and enjoy!
When you have time, play around a bit. Maybe add some mushrooms instead of the onions. How about some crab instead of chicken? Explore and enjoy!
Homemade Pizza
 There's nothing quite like pizza you've made yourself; Fresh, Hot, Made Your Way! And it's really easy too!
 The Crust!
 You have a couple of options here. You can purchase a pre-made crust, frozen pizza dough, or stop in at a pizzeria and buy some dough.
 For frozen dough, follow the package instructions to defrost. After defrosting, it will almost be the same as the pizzeria dough. Flour your work surface and begin to flatten and spread your dough to a round or rectangular shape. The thickness is up to you. A 1/4 inch thick crust is about the thinnest.
 Preheat oven to 415 to 425 degrees.
Take your dough and place it in the pan stretch and shape the dough to fit. The crust doesn't have to be perfectly shaped - make it look rustic. (hint: if you have trouble working your dough to the pan, a small amount of crisco - type product spread on the pan will help the dough keep its shape). Keep an eye out for any air bubbles - pop and flatten them.
 Once you have your dough the way you like it's time to put the good stuff on.
Grab a jar of our "Mia Cucina" marinara sauce. Spread about a cup of "Mia Cucna" over the crust. Use more or less as you see fit.
Now the toppings.
Mozzarella - Don't use the shredded kind. Use a block of mozzarella and slice it into 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick slices ( remember, this is home made!) Unlike pizzeria pizza, you want to have the sauce showing through the cheese. You want to be able to taste the tomatoes too! Place the slices onto the sauce randomly. Sprinkle the top with some Parmeggiano or Romano cheese and some oregano. Pop the pizza into the oven for about 20 - 25 minutes. Give the crust a check for doneness and there you go!
Other toppings - The great thing about pizza is that you can top it with anything you like....pepperoni, peppers, onions, chopped clams, mushrooms, other cheeses, anything!!!! Just sprinkle the toppings with the parmeggiano and oregano.
My favorite, Just fresh mozzarella slices with some extra basil.